Thursday, October 23, 2014

Seniors Never Stop Caring for Others

I have been living with Seniors for over 7 years and I am convinced I have found the secret fountain of youth here at Terraces on 7th. The secret to living a long and happy life is never stop caring about others.
We had a launch party for the Sock Granny 1000 pairs of Socks Campaign October 20, 2014. Everyone was told that with one pair of new or used socks anyone can make a positive difference in someones life.
The following Newsletter explains the incredible results.


Molly and the Sock Granny

The Sock Granny 1000 campaign has been launched at Terraces on 7th. Its aim? To collect 1000 pairs of socks for those who need them most.

On Monday, October 20th we collected 400 pairs of socks in one afternoon. The socks just kept flowing in like a river of warm comfort. Our donation basket simply overflowed! Were residents inspired by the promise of an ice cream sundae? Not at all. Even our maintenance man was willing to take off his shoes and donate the socks off his feet to bring the count from 399 to 400!

We are doing this in support of our neighbours, the MPA Society ( From there they are distributed by hand to those who need them most.

We hope this inspires you to make a difference in somebody else’s life. It’s as easy as one pair of socks.

Submitted by Jennifer Slater (Recreation Manager) and Barbara Vance (the Sock Granny of Terraces).

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seniors Collecting Socks at Terraces on 7th

The Sock Granny is collecting socks again this year at Terraces on 7th.

Our launch party is all set for Oct. 20th at 3pm in the Bistro. An opportunity to sort out your sock drawer and donate socks that you do not wear anymore. Our goal is 1000 pairs of Socks. Leave your socks at the front desk for Sock Granny.
Two Starbuck Stores are supporting our Sock Granny sock collections.
Drop-off locations:
1. Granville Island Starbucks (write Barb on the bag of socks)
2. Starbucks 1855 Burrard St - (write Amanda on the bag of socks)

Who is the Sock Granny and where are the socks being donated to?
The Sock Granny information blog.

My Granddaughter, Amanda, designed this years (2014/2015 season) poster.

Seniors care and want to help. Last year seniors and their families gave over 400 pairs of socks! We thank you!