Monday, December 23, 2013

Food Memories Flourish with Seniors

Sometimes it is hard for young people to start a conversation with seniors. Try talking about food. I did an experiment last week and asked Seniors a simple question: What do you like to put on your toast? Your most favourite! I have posted the results on my mini blog. Here is the answer from Pat (85) What do you like on your toast, Pat?
Read the entertaining comments following the blog. You are welcome to add your comments too. I asked 2 more seniors the same question - both are in their 80s and passionate about their toast.
Passionate Seniors blog
It is a fun conversation starter for all ages - Give it a try!
Have some homemade jam handy as your guests will want some toast to go with their tea.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Senior is Hunting for Socks - New or Used

The Sock Granny wants your old or new socks for charity.

Read about the Sock Granny in action
The Sock Granny continues her quest
You can collect socks for the homeless in your neighbourhood.
As of Dec.6, 2013 The Sock Granny has donated 264 pairs of Socks to the MPA Society for the mentally ill and homeless.
Many more are needed during the cold winter months.
Update: For the 2013/14 winter 400 pairs of socks were donated. This year, 2014/15 winter, we have been able to increase our activity thanks to volunteers who want to collect socks with The Sock Granny. The will be known as Sock Friend-Amanda; Sock Friend-Camilla; Sock Friend-Rei.
We have set a new goal to be reached by the end of January 2015 of:

1000 pairs of socks