Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Art Walk starts with Emily Carr

We have a very nice collection of prints from famous artists in our building. The art came to us - how cool is that?!

“Trees love to toss and sway; they make such happy noises.” ~~Emily Carr~~
Emily Carr is one of the most well known Canadian artists and one of my favourite. She has not always been my favourite as I just did not understand her painting and what she was trying to say through her art. Then one day while browsing in a second hand book store I came upon her books and I bought one. I soon came to love Emily Carr, the writer, for her honest expressions and heartfelt feelings. I went back to the book store and bought the rest of her books. Soon after I made another trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery to visit her paintings again and this time I began to understood the heart and love for trees that she was conveying.
Getting to know Emily Carr:
The Complete Writings of Emily Carr

The Emily Carr print we are going to visit is called:
Totem Walk at Sitka - 1917

Emily painted this in Sitka, Alaska - 1917
Emily Carr was influenced by the landscape and First Nations cultures of British Columbia, and Alaska.
Soon she returned to Vancouver and Victoria due to financial considerations. Her art remained unknown and unappreciated for another 10 years when she eventually gave up on having an artistic career.

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