Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seniors Embrace Aging

Grama Barb is winner of The Resident of the Year LEAP Award for 2013. LEAP is "Let's Embrace Aging Passionately".
Sponsored by BC Seniors Living Association
Watch the 3 Barbara Vance videos of this event
1. The Introduction Speech by MLA Linda Larson who explains how Barbara Vance qualified for this Award
2. Barbara Vance's Acceptance Speech on Sept. 30,2013
Barbara Vance Acceptance Speech, Winning BC Senior of the year, at the Fairmont Whistler Hotel. Sept 30th 2013
3. Barbara Vance recieving a Bouquet of Flowers at Terraces on 7th for the Seniors L.E.A.P. Award

Barbarb Vance and Dr. Jamal 2013

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