Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Seniors on Tour of Vancouver Murals by GramaBarb

A few photographs we took while on tour of Vancouver Eastside Murals. Enjoy the piano music "Sunday Stroll" while you view a 2 minute tour on YouTube on Grama Barb's channel:
Vancouver eastside murals slide show with piano music "Sunday Stroll"

List of mural titles:

1. Earth Giveth & Earth Taketh Away
236 Clark Drive
2. Groundwater Hydrolics
1216 Franklin Street
3a. Japanese Eagle
3b. Japanese Eagle (full size)
3c. Quote up close
657 Powell Street
4. A Store Entrance
Comercial Drive
5. Penguins
Alley side trip
6. Panda
7. Tiger
8. Lion
9. Cactus in the Alley
10. Salmon Mural
1201 Franklin
11. The Russian Hall
600 Campbell Avenue
12. McGregor Mural 1
1209 Adanac Street
13. McGregor Mural 2
14. McGregor Mural 3
15. McGregor Mural 4
16a. Crossings
1249 Adanac Street
16b. Crossings
17. The River of Crows
1100 McLean Drive
18. Fratelli Bakery
Commercial at 2nd
19. Thank you

Our thanks to the management of Terraces on 7th for arranging a special tour guide to come onboard our Bus and explain the background of all these marvelous murals.
You can learn more about the Vancouver Eastside project at this website:
Vancouver Eastside Mural Tour

A new Vancouver book
The following book will be released May 13, 2014.
Written by Lani Russwurm who holds degrees in political science and history from Simon Fraser University.

Vancouver Was Awesome: A Curious Pictorial History

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