Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Webcam Birding Report from Seniors

We have been busy meeting at our library all glued to our large screen computer twice a week and enjoying every minute of spying on the private lives of nesting birds. Their main activity is eating, poo-ing and sleeping. Outbursts of sibling rivalry occur more often with the Redtailed Hawk chicks. While watching the baby hawks being fed suddenly the chat box beside the online webcam lit up with a class of kindergarten asking if they could ask some questions about the Hawk family. Of course the moderator of the website was more than happy to have the teacher ask questions on behalf of her students. We were so pleased at being able to sit in on this classroom discussion. What a privilege!

Red-tailed Hawk webcam

Our Eagle family experienced a death in the family. One little chick was probably kidnapped and eaten by the crow family. A few days ago we saw the eagle nest being persistantly harassed by a crow. We know there was 3 chicks at that time. When we came back a couple of days later there were only 2 eagle chicks left in the nest.

American Bald Eagle Nest webcam

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