Saturday, November 8, 2014

Remembering Doolee McDonnell

Doolee will always be remembered by everyone who knew her and each person will treasure a special memory of her. Doolee passed away on Nov. 2,2014.

The first big impact that Doolee made on my life is when my Daughter-inlaw, Debra, was diagnosed with breast cancer and we had a Pink Day fundraiser in support of Debra in 2009.
Doolee dressed in a formal pink gown so that she was pink from head to toe for the event. Debra was so impressed and touched by her support.

Doolee was well known for her painting and overall love for all forms of art. One day she invited me to her suite to take a few photographs of her paintings and that I could use one (gift) for my photo-a-day marathon during 2010 to show my support for Debra's ongoing fight with cancer. Doolee was always supportive of any charity project I was working on.

Pixie is the sweetest, cutest gift we had because Doolee was happy to share her with us. We all loved her company.
We will miss them both here at Terraces on 7th.

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