Thursday, January 8, 2015

News from the Birding Group

Terrace's on 7th Birding Group are all organized and ready for their 2015 Big Year of Bird the World through virtual travel.

We have our itinerary all tested and ready for us to invite more to join us on Saturday 10, 2015.
Check your time zones because all of these bird-feeder webcams are in real live time. Convert World Time

North America
At 1pm we are going to Ontario, Canada to visit a Backyard feeder upclose where we expect to see the Blue Jay, Evening Grosbeaks, Downy Woodpecker and many more common garden birds in Eastern Canada.

Cornell Lab FeederWatch New York
Location: Ithaca, NY on the edge of both Sapsucker Woods and its 10-acre pond where you will see Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, White-breasted Nuthatch, Mourning Dove and many more interesting birds.

Littlehouse Cams Kansas
location: Prairie Village, Kansas, USA. This site has 5 live webcam and a long list of birds and a few fun squirrels. Scroll down to see the impressive bird list during the different seasons.

Sabal Palm Sanctuary Bird Feeder Texas
location: in the delta of the Rio Grande Valley in Cameron County, Texas. We were thrilled to see the Green Jay and the Chachalaca for the first time while visiting this feeder in Texas!

Back Porch Bird Feeder Cam Washington
location: Whidbey Island, WA They have all the common west coast garden birds but this site specializes in Hummingbirds during the Spring and Summer. Don't miss the excitement!

Backyard Galah Cam Australia
location: Goulburn AUSTRALIA (New South Wales)It is exciting to see these bird feeding in a backyard garden. Galah,Corellas (white cockatoos),Gang-gang Cockatoo, Crimson Rosellas and more that I don't know yet.

South America
Onithos Live Cams
location: Brazil, South America - a beautiful site with multiple webcams. Pick your language as it defaults to Spanish.
Here are some birds to watch for in Brazil:
SaĆ­ra-caterpillar also known as Saira-of-saw and Saira-green, Swift-upholsterer,Saira-rust,Bluebird,Araponga,Red-Yellow-headed Woodpecker puffer,Tanger of-meeting-yellow,Hummingbird of-dress black,Tanager-true, Tanager-blood, and Burnished-seven colors.

South Africa
Allen BirdCam South Africa
Location: situated in a Pretoria (Tshwane), Gauteng, suburban garden.
A very busy feeder about 6:00am (Africa time)
You will soon get to know these beautiful birds
African Masked Weaver (yellow with black face),Black-collared barbet,Red-billed woodhoopoe,Grey Hornbill,Speckled Mousebird,Burchell's Coucal,Rock Pigeon and more that we need to identify.

List of birds seen at this feeder

This group of four virtual Birdwatchers just can't stop smiling after taking this international action packed free Bird trip!

The world of birds brought to life as they dance, sing and strut their stuff on youtube at Curiosity for Birds

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