Monday, November 16, 2015

Bake Cookies for Me

What Really Matters at the End of Life?
I have not been able to close this article all day because it is the most important information on dying that I have ever read. No one should die without reading it and learning to live in the present. Our senses will help us enjoy a moment even if we have only one of our senses.
The Doctor who wrote the article worked in a Hospice for about 30 yrs and he said the most popular room was the kitchen. BJ Miller wrote these words that changed my life today, "Probably the most poignant room in the Zen Hospice guest house is our kitchen, which is a little strange when you realize that so many of our residents can eat very little, if anything at all. But we realize we are providing sustenance on several levels: smell, a symbolic plane. Seriously, with all the heavy-duty stuff happening under our roof, one of the most tried and true interventions we know of, is to bake cookies. As long as we have our senses -- even just one -- we have at least the possibility of accessing what makes us feel human, connected. Imagine the ripples of this notion for the millions of people living and dying with dementia. Primal sensorial delights that say the things we don't have words for, impulses that make us stay present -- no need for a past or a future."

Watch the video >br>

My wish for when I am dying I want to smell cookies baking.

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